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    Frequently Asked Questions


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Post by Bramblefang on Tue Feb 22, 2011 5:05 pm

    BG FAQ

    Section 1 - Registering & Logging In

    1.Why should I register?
    I recommend reading this thread.

    2.What is this site all about?
    Why don't you read our Site Summary? It contains everything you need to know about Bramble Gamers.

    3.How do I become a member?
    First, you need to go to the register page of our site. Agree to the Terms of Service, and then provide any information the site asks you. After you do that, you'll become an official member!

    4.Help! I forgot my password!
    We can send you your password to your email. All you have to do is to provide your user name and email on this page. After that, check your email!

    4a.I never received an email with my password in it.
    In this situation, I recommend that you talk to me on our Chatango chatbox on the homepage. I'll help you out there.

    Section 2 - The Profile

    1.Where can I edit my profile?
    You can edit all of your profile fields here. Fill in any information you would like to share about yourself and click the "Save" button at the button of the page to save it to your profile.

    2.Where can I edit my signature?
    You can edit your signature on this page.

    3.How do I put up my own avatar?
    You can do that on this page. You have the option of getting an avatar from your computer, another site, or even from our avatar gallery.

    3a.How do I save an image to my computer?
    If you found an image you would like to use as an avatar and you want to save it on your computer, simply right click the image. Select "Save image as..." and click "Save".

    4.Where can I manage my friends?
    You can manage your friends on this page. You can request other users to be friends and accept or refuse friend requests there.

    5.I noticed that other users have badges on their profiles. How do I obtain badges?
    Please read the thread about badges which is found here.

    6.I have a question about Ruppees, Coins, and the HP Bar.
    Please read Section 3, where your questions will be answered.

    Section 3 - The Forum
    1.How do I post a topic?
    There's a button that looks like this on every forum. Click that to post a new topic.

    2.How do I reply to a thread?
    There's a button that looks like this at the top and bottom of every thread. Click that to reply to a thread.

    3.I see all of these buttons while I'm making a thread/post. What are they for?
    Those buttons are used to create BBCode which changes the look of text and picture. A guide on BBCode is found here.

    4.Are there any rules that I need to follow when posting on the forums?
    Yes. A set of forum rules is found here. Follow them if you don't want to get banned from this forum.

    5.What are the HP Bars for?
    The HP bars record your conduct on this forum. Continuously breaking the rules causes your health to go down. If you lose all of your health, we will automatically ban you. This is called the Warning System.

    6.How do I obtain rupees?
    You obtain rupees by posting messages and topics. This thread goes a little deeper into rupees.

    Original FAQ

    Note: The FAQ is only 40%-ish finished. I'm doing my best to finish it up soon.

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