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    Sandstorm w/ A Side of Trick Room

    Pirhana Plant
    Pirhana Plant

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    Sandstorm w/ A Side of Trick Room

    Post by Hero on Wed Feb 02, 2011 8:54 pm

    Okay, so I made a Sandstorm Team with Trick Room support and I want everyone to see if I should make some changes to it.
    Tyranitar @ Life Orb
    Brave Nature
    252 Attack evs/ 200 Defence Evs/ 54 Defence evs
    Stone Edge
    Sealth Rock

    Okay so basicly, this is my Sandstorm starter, as well as sealth rock setter. Its equiped with Pursuit for those pokemon who want to back away and switch out in fear of Tyranitar. The rest of the Evs, moves, etc are pretty explanitory.

    [email=Rhyperior@Life]Rhyperior@Life[/email] Orb
    Brave Nature
    252 Attack evs / 230 HP evs/ 28 Defence evs
    Rock Blast
    Sword Dance
    My Physical sweeper. Thanks to the Sandstorm bonus of raising Rock type Pokemon Special Defence by x1.5, Rhypherior also becomes a tank in Sandstorm. Thanks to that, Sword Dance could be set up easily to KO Most pokemon with Earthquake or Megahorn like thoes annoying Brelooms, Metagross, or Heatran. Rock Blast is for those annoying subtituters.


    [email=Bronzong@Light]Bronzong@Light[/email] Clay
    Sassy Nature
    252 Hp Evs/ 150 Sp. Defence / 54 Defence Evs
    Trick Room
    Light Screen
    My Trick Roomer which actually is my Lead. Most Pokemon here is already set with lot Defence so setting up Light Screen isn't a bad idea. Also sets up Hypnoises so I can switch Pokemon without easily having to freely Explode(Explosion). Earthquake just covers the Fire Type Pokemon who wants to burn Bronzong.


    Careful Nature
    252 HP evs/ 100 Defence evs/ 178 Sp. Defence Evs
    Rock Slide
    Seed Bomb
    My Sandstorm Supporter. I decided to chose Toxic in Cradilys moveset because it pairs better with an inflicting Sandstorm. Seed Bomb and Rock Slide mainly focus on KO'ing Swampert, and pesky Ice types. Recover helps regain back all Hp lost which partners great with Leftovers

    Quiet Nature
    252 Sp. Attack ev/ 200 defence evs/ 54 sp.Defence Evs
    Toxic Spikes
    Ice Beam
    Earth Power
    My Special Sandstorm sweeper. I was going to consider using Empoleon but Omastar is slower and has more Sp. Attack, which passes up the oportunites of all of the resistances. Everything here is pretty explanitory.

    [email=Claydol@Smooth]Claydol@Smooth[/email] Rock
    Relaxed Nature
    252 HP evs/ 128 Defence evs/ 126 Sp. Defence Evs
    Rapid Spin
    Trick Room
    Second Trick Roomer, as well as Sandstorm, and Spin support in case of Spikes or weather changes. Explosion is for taking out whatever pokemon I can't beat.

    Any comments on it please tell me.

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    Re: Sandstorm w/ A Side of Trick Room

    Post by Hydrocannon2727 on Thu Feb 03, 2011 9:32 am

    By the way, it's called a Trick Storm team for future references. Okay, I've found a few flaws in this team, but all-in-all it is really good.

    1. Tyrannitar should not carry Pursuit, it should carry either Thunder or Fire Fang to take out Water, Ice, and Grass-Types that could damage the team.

    2. Rhyperior is near perfect but I would drop Rock Blast for Stone Edge because, without a metronome, Rock Blast is wasted. Plus, Stone Edge does an overall better job. If this is a Doubles Team, then I suggest Rock Slide as well.

    3. Support Pokemon like Cradily only need a single attacking move, so I'd drop either Rock Slide or Seed Bomb (Kudos for two STAB moves) for Ingrain.

    4. Omastar is perfect the way it is. It fills it purpose and does it's job well.

    5. I see nothing in Bronzong worth changing so keep it up!

    6. This team does not have to worry about spikes because 85% of your team is Ground-Type, so I would have it carry Psychic of something along the lines of that.

    This team deserves a 9.5/10, great work Hero!

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    ~Maes Hughes

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    Spinning Koopa Shell

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    Re: Sandstorm w/ A Side of Trick Room

    Post by SilentVerse on Thu Feb 03, 2011 10:02 pm

    I don't mean to go against Hydrocannon's suggestions, but... I do want to help you with this team, so, err, I guess I'll have to disagree with some of his suggestions Sad. I won't change any of your team members, but I will highlight some threats so you can choose whether or not you want to implement some changes.

    Tyranitar - he looks fine for the most part; Pursuit is great, so don't get rid of it. I'm not really sold on Life Orb to be honest, since Tyranitar is really bulky, and you probably don't want to get rid of that bulk. I would personally give it Leftovers instead; but hey, if you prefer the power boost, that's fine.

    Rhyperior - Fine, nothing to change. Rock Blast makes sense as I could see Substitute users stalling out your Trick Room turns.

    Bronzong - Pretty good. I personally dislike Hypnosis due to its unreliability, but I guess it's a good way to get your Pokemon in without sacrificing Bronzong. If you really want, you could replace Earthquake with Reflect to further bolster your team's defenses, though I suppose this does leave Bronzong weak to Taunt.

    Cradily - Fine. Cradily is your main weapon against bulky Water-types, so it's important. However, because it's so vulnerable to Toxic, you could try Rest and Sleep Talk over Recover and Toxic, since with Toxic Spikes, it's not really as necessary.

    Omastar - Because you lack a spinblocker (Ghost-type), I'm really unsure about Toxic Spikes, since it'd be really easy to remove. I suppose it's useful to get rid of Bulky Water-types, which could be nuisances to your team, so it's fine (though you might want to consider packing a Ghost-type so it doesn't get removed so easily). Also, dump the defensive EVs into HP because that results in better overall bulk than splitting it among the defenses.

    Claydol - Scrap Sandstorm, since if you play smart with Tyranitar, you won't ever need it. With that, change Smooth Rock to Leftovers to allow Claydol to Rapid Spin more, and give it Earthquake, Earth Power, or Psychic instead to at least allow him to hit Ghost-types.

    Also, I'm going to note that you're really weak to stuff like Grass, Ice, Fighting, and Water. You may wish to change your team up because of this, as I kinda doubt that you'll be able to deal with them easily otherwise. Just note that not every Pokemon has to necessarily benefit from Trick Room and Sandstorm, since that'll often result in a lot of similar weaknesses as noted above.

    You're also weak to defensive teams. Claydol won't be able to Rapid Spin effectively against them, since defensive teams carry Ghost-type Pokemon who prevent it, and since Claydol can do literally nothing to them, you're going to run into issues with teams that abuse entry hazards. I guess Tyranitar can deal with the Ghost-types to some degree, but he'll be worn down from Life Orb recoil, and entry hazards, while the Ghost-types should be bulky enough to survive a Pursuit.

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    Re: Sandstorm w/ A Side of Trick Room

    Post by Sponsored content

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