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    The Tides in Time: Mortals and Immortals Collide


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    The Tides in Time: Mortals and Immortals Collide

    Post by Ulqi-chan on Wed Jan 12, 2011 5:01 pm

    First topic message reminder :

    The Tides in Time: Mortals and Immortals Collide
    By yours truely: Arctica


    This novel is rated 12+ due to some mild language and moments.
    I will post new chapters in comments...I want at least five reviews of the previous chapter before I post it.

    New Characters:
    Sorry for the images, I had to change them so they're different.
    Ulquiorra Cifer

    Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez

    Szayel Granz

    Sōsuke Aizen

    Chapter 1: Incubus

    “Cifer, get your crap off my floor.”
    Said the cocky, overconfident Arrancar to the emotionless beauty. Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez acted as though he was the boss of her. But to her, he was just some obstacle in the way of becoming the greatest Arrancar that ever walked the lonely deserts of Hueco Mundo. In this story, ‘her’ is our co-main character, Ulquiorra Cifer. She is slender though fairly muscular with a melancholic appearance, messy black hair, pale white skin, green eyes with slit-shaped pupils similar to a cat's. She has teal lines under her eyes, and it looks as though she is crying. Her expression almost never changes, the remainder of her hollow mask is on the left side of her head (it looks like a broken helmet), and her number four tattoo (which signifies her as the fourth-ranked Espada) is located on the left side of her chest. She wears typical Arrancar clothes: a white jacket, black sash, and a white hakama. However, her jacket seems to have longer coattails than others, and the collar is rather high.
    Grimmjow on the other hand, has spiky sky blue hair and eyes and green lines below them. Grimmjow's attire consists of a white hakama and a black sash; his white jacket is ragged with an upturned collar. The inner lining is black, the sleeves are rolled up, and Grimmjow wears it open, leaving a muscular chest revealed. His number six tattoo is located on his back, and has a large scar on his torso.
    Ulquiorra slowly picked up her Zanpakuto, Murciélago, off of Grimmjow’s floor and walked out of his room.
    “Oh yeah…forgot to tell you this, but Aizen wanted to see you.”
    Ulquiorra turned around. “I see…” And with that, she walked toward Aizen’s throne room. On her way there, to her dismay, Szayel Granz, the pink headed pervert, caught up with her. “Why hello, Ulqi-chan,” he said with his lecherous smile. His amber eyes hidden behind his glasses (which are his hollow mask remains) shined at Ulquiorra.
    “Not now, Szayel,” she told him, and walked faster to the throne room. “Aw, don’t be so mean, Ulqi-chan. I was merely saying hi to you,” he replied as caught up with her. “Plus I can keep you company while you walk to Aizen.” He held out his arm like a gentleman, and Ulquiorra reluctantly took it. After a while, Szayel asked Ulquiorra, “So why do you think Aizen wanted to see you, Ulqi-chan?”
    “I don’t know,” she admitted, “But for some reason, it feels like what happened the last time I had a special mission from him.”
    The memory of that mission replayed in her head over and over again. Aizen had ordered her and Grimmjow to go to the Soul Society and hunt the Soul Reapers. After a while, a whole group of Soul Reapers surrounded the two and slashed Ulquiorra’s left leg. She couldn’t move, so Grimmjow had to piggy-back her to Hueco Mundo. It was quite embarrassing when she had to report this to Aizen: he made a remark that after this occurred, the two may have feelings for each other. Ever since then, she had to request that she would never go on a mission with Grimmjow again.
    When the two reached Aizen’s throne room, Szayel opened the door for Ulquiorra and offered that she goes first. She walked into the room and Szayel disappeared from sight.
    “I’ve been waiting for you, Ulquiorra.”
    Sōsuke Aizen, the leader of the Arrancar Army, was somewhat lounging in his, what Grimmjow referred to as the “Master Chair”, looking at Ulquiorra with his intimidating brown eyes. Aizen had swept back brown hair with a strand in his face and wore clothing similar to the typical Arrancar. His menacing smile was typical, and for some reason, it made a lot of the Arrancar nervous.
    “Your mission is very simple, Ulquiorra. We’ve received information that the Mu, a race that has seemingly died out, may still be alive. However,” He explained, hoping Ulquiorra would be interested, “Only one is expected to live at this very moment. We want you to find this being and bring him back to Las Noches. If you capture him in succession, we can clone his cells and have one more race added to my army. If at some point the task seems to get out of hand, return here and I will have an Arrancar ready to assist. Understood?”
    “Understood,” Ulquiorra replied, soaking in her new mission like a sponge.
    “Dismissed,” Aizen said, and Ulquiorra walked out of the room silently.
    Szayel was leaning on a wall when Ulquiorra walked out from Aizen’s throne room. “So…what’s you mission, Ulqi-chan?” he asked curiously. “You could always have some help, you know.” His perverted smirk appeared on his face once more. “I can help with basically with anything you need.”
    “I have to find some Mu being,” she informed him, “I don’t expect it to be hard; His spiritual pressure should be quite different than mere humans.”
    “I see…” Szayel said, now uninterested in this Mu being. “Well, when do you expect to leave for this? The mission, I mean.”
    Ulquiorra stopped and looked Szayel in the eyes.
    “As soon as possible. This mission gives me the chance to get far away from you.”


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    Re: The Tides in Time: Mortals and Immortals Collide

    Post by Hero on Sat Feb 05, 2011 3:33 pm

    Can't wait till the next part.

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    Re: The Tides in Time: Mortals and Immortals Collide

    Post by Ulqi-chan on Mon Feb 07, 2011 3:10 pm

    Sorry I'm such a bad procrastinator, but here's the next part. A bit long, I know, but it clears up some stuff.
    I now gladly present to you Chapter...erm...3!

    Chapter 3: Eeristatz

    Ulquiorra woke up with her hands tied tightly behind her back. There was a chain coming out of her Hollow hole, and it was attached to the wall. She soon realized she was being held hostage by her own chain of fate. She tried numerous times to break free, but each time she did, her chain of fate rebelled against her. She couldn’t breathe well; her neck felt as though it was falling apart. And she couldn’t see anything, for the room had not even the smallest speck of light in it. She heard some beings talking outside of her chamber. They seemed to be arguing over something.
    “Maybe if you hadn’t injured her so badly,” one voice snarled, “She’d be of some use right now!”
    The voice, who Ulquiorra recognized as the dragon that had captured her, barked back to the first voice, “Well you seemed to have forgotten the fact that we can simply heal her and then force her to kill Icera! I’m not stupid, you know!”
    “Well you sure are acting like you are,” the first voice murmured, and then stalked off. The dragon mumbled something when his back was turned and slammed the door to Ulquiorra’s chamber wide open. Ulquiorra stared bewildered at him.
    “You’re lucky you’re still alive,” he growled at her, “I could’ve killed you instantly, but I decided not to.” He waited for Ulquiorra to say something, but she remained silent. “Not much of a talker, are you?” the dragon asked. Still no answer. “Well, you’ll be talking at some point,” he assured her, “But for now, we need you to be healed at once.” A shining, purple light appeared over Ulquiorra and her wounds slowly but surely disappeared. “I was expecting at least a thank you,” the dragon grumbled, and then took a few more steps closer to Ulquiorra, so close in fact where Ulquiorra could smell his sour dragon breath. “It seems as though you aren’t going to answer me at all, huh? Well I can help with that. Maybe if I unravel your past, you’ll open up some.” Then his eyes glowed red and the room around them slowly disappeared into blackness. Ulquiorra could not see herself or the dragon. But after a few moments, the total darkness became a day when Ulquiorra was actually alive.
    In her living life, she was almost just the same except for four things. First, her half helmet wasn’t there, she wasn’t pale, and she didn’t have the teal lines coming down her face. But what was forth was troubling to her herself. In those days, instead of being emotionless and non-caring, she was lively and high-spirited. She was a bubbly, happy girl that loved to live life. In this memory she was walking out of her school with her friends. “Oi, Ulqi-chan, when are you gonna tell him that you like him, hmm?” a blonde-headed blue-eyed male one said.
    A brown-headed green-eyed female one spoke up. “Yeah, Ulqi-san. You said that you would tell him ages ago.”
    Ulquiorra simply smiled at them and shook her head, “I said I would say ‘Hi’ to him, not express my feelings to him.”
    The blonde-headed one smirked. “Well if you won’t tell him, I will.” And then he took off in the other direction. “W-Wait, Raion-kun! Don’t!” and Ulquiorra took off after him, leaving the brown-headed one in the dust. But she was too late. The one named ‘Raion’ was already talking to the boy Ulquiorra was always dreaming about.
    “And she says that she likes the way you smile at her when you leave your class in 4th period,” he was telling Ulquiorra’s dream boy, “She always talks about you.”
    Ulquiorra blushed uncontrollably. “R-Raion,” was the only thing she managed to say.
    The boy Ulquiorra liked looked at her. He had spiky, jet black hair and sky blue eyes. He was muscular, and seemed rather attractive. He was staring into Ulquiorra’s green eyes, and his face was getting red as well.
    Raion, who obviously was not guilty at all, just smiled and walked off.
    “I…” the boy started to say, but didn’t seem to have any words.
    Ulquiorra’s eyes filled with tears. Raion just messed up everything. God, how she hated him so! She would never forgive him for this! He went too far this time! “I’m sorry, Grimmjow!” she cried, and ran off. She fled to an alley in the school district, and cried her eyes out. She stayed there for hours, and as soon as night fell upon the earth, Ulquiorra was sound asleep. However, this slumber would not last long. Soon, the deep, booming voice of the man she hated most, even more than she now hated Raion, woke her up. “Ulquiorra!” he roared. “Why the hell are you here?! Why aren’t you in your room as you always should be?!?!”
    “I-I’m sorry, father,” she said quietly, “I-I dozed off.”
    Her father was a tall, slender man that had messy black hair like Ulquiorra. His eyes were dark amber, and his skin was pale. He was abusive, cruel, and every bad thing Ulquiorra could think of.
    Her father’s strong hand slapped her across the face. “No excuses!” He growled. “Now march to the house and up to you room! NOW!” Ulquiorra quickly rose to her feet and ran to her house, which was nearby the school. She ran up to her room and dove under the covers of her bed. If she was lucky, she would only get one beating tonight. But that chance was gone now. Her father must have been at the bar, and he was very drunk, so he would unleash all the power he had on Ulquiorra. Her bedroom door slammed open as her drunken father stormed in. He stomped over to her bed. To Ulquiorra’s surprise, he merely whispered to her, “I’m going to make this perfectly clear, Ulquiorra. You know that me and my friends are reviving the Zodiac Killer, correct? Well we can’t do that if I have to go out and hunt for you. So if we’re going out killing people in memory of the Zodiac Killer, you will be in this house and will not tell a soul about anything. That clear?” Ulquiorra nodded from under the sheets and her father stamped off.
    Ulquiorra hated to view her father as a murderer. It made a permanent mark on her reputation as a marker would on paper. As told by this villainous man she had to call ‘father’, he was a direct descendant of the Zodiac Killer and would keep him in memory. He had the circle with a cross in it tattooed on Ulquiorra’s back and his own, had one on every wall of their house, kept a list of his victims and sent threatening letters to people saying that he was going to kill them. He was indeed a sly person, if he is even considered human. All through her life, Ulquiorra was kept out of the way of her father, and had to do all the chores in her house, or he would slaughter her as well.
    Ulquiorra slowly got out of the bed and quietly walked to her father’s man cave. He was lounging on the couch with a beer in one hand and the remote in the other. On the TV was a news report concerning the chain of deaths and letters sent by the man who called himself the Zodiac Reincarnation. “F-Father,” she stuttered, “I was wondering if m-maybe I can...not go to school for the next couple of days?” Her father turned around. “What for?” he asked.
    “W-Well,” Ulquiorra began, “I had an embarrassing encounter today, which is the reason why I was snoozing in that alley.”
    Her father smirked. “Ah, is it because of that guy? Grimmjow, was it?”
    “Yes,” Ulquiorra admitted, and her face blushed a bit.
    “Well, there’s nothing to be ashamed about, Ulquiorra. I felt the same way about five other girls in high school at the same time, but only one found out. However, in my case, if I lost the chance with one, I’d move on to the next. But in your case, this boy ‘Grimmjow’ is only one person, so he’ll most likely keep his distance now.”
    Wow. He made her feel loads better. “So…is that a yes?” she asked softly. Her father’s smile quickly faded. “Not necessarily,” he said slowly, “But if we can say that you were kidnapped, you’d be skipping school like a pro.” He laughed a villainous laugh, and Ulquiorra found herself backing up towards the door. “How about we make ourselves a little deal here: You tell Grimmjow personally how you feel about him, and I’ll keep you out of school for the rest of this year.”
    Ulquiorra was shocked. More than shocked. She was dazed. This was her father speaking! He was saying stuff about how to skip school! How is this productive to learning new things?! If the authorities ever knew about this, both of them would be in prison! Thank God then that her father got Ulquiorra those martial art lessons and he always had a gun on his belt!
    “I…” She began to say, but she couldn’t even think of any words to describe her feelings about this. “I’ll let you think about it,” her father said, ushering Ulquiorra to leave the man cave. “But I need an answer by tomorrow night.”
    Ulquiorra walked silently to her room. Abundant ideas were rushing through her mind. If she told Grimmjow, she could avoid school for the rest of this semester. But if she didn’t, then she wouldn’t have to deal with the humiliation of telling him. What would she do?
    But she didn’t have to deal with the decision; upon walking into her room and closing the door, she heard knocking on her window. Alarmed, she quickly grabbed a baseball bat and slowly approached the window. She moved the curtains out of the way to see someone she expected hated her by now.
    “G-…Grimmjow?” she said quietly. He was on a ladder, staring into Ulquiorra’s green cat eyes.
    “Yeah, real surprise, huh?” Grimmjow replied. “Look, I don’t have much time to explain, but I’ll start from the beginning.
    “Whenever Raion told me that you’ve liked me all this time, I was pretty much stunned. I never knew that such a heck of a person would like some spiky-haired idiot like me. I couldn’t say anything because there was nothing to say.”
    Ulquiorra blushed a deep red upon hearing this, then almost in a whisper asked him, “So you…”
    “Yeah, yeah, I’ve liked you as well.”
    Ulquiorra couldn’t believe what she was hearing. So that’s why he always smiled at her in fourth period. That’s why he never laughed when she ran into walls admiring him. He would merely flash a secret grin and walk off.
    “But you can’t tell anybody. Not Raion, not Son-Kun, not even your dad. So I’ll…see you later then?” Grimmjow said quickly before climbing back down. “Maybe,” Ulquiorra answered, and closed her bedroom window.
    The image of Grimmjow climbing down and Ulquiorra closing the window began to fade. The room Ulquiorra was in earlier came back into view. The dragon that had captured her was standing in front of her, smirking. “What a colorful past you have!” He said villainously. But Ulquiorra was not caring about that. Upon becoming an Arrancar, the memory of her past was lost. She never even knew that she was lively when she was alive. Heck, she could scarcely even trust that she even was alive. But to hear that she liked someone almost identical to Grimmjow was most sickening. She would have to ask him if he still remembered his own mortal life.
    “Who are you?” she asked quickly. “Why am I here in the first place? For what reason should you hold me prisoner?”
    “Calm down, calm down,” the dragon hissed. “I’ll tell you one at a time. My name is Zanon, and I am the Lord of the Shadows. You’re here because I found power in such a life force like yourself. The reason you’re here is fairly simple: You are going to kill a dragon named Icera Legend for me. That answer all your questions, or should I say more about myself?”
    Ulquiorra was absorbing all this information in. She had indeed heard of this dragon before, but she just couldn’t remember where his name popped up at. She had a feeling that this was the dragon that slain all the others, though, because she could sense all the departed dragons’ blood on him.
    “And…and If I don’t?” she questioned. “If you don’t,” said Zanon, “then don’t even expect to live before sun rise.”
    And that was the end of that.


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    Re: The Tides in Time: Mortals and Immortals Collide

    Post by Hero on Fri Feb 11, 2011 4:29 pm

    To be honest with this chapter, I'm not sure I like it. I'm sorry but I can't lie but the other chapters were good Smile . In the ratings of good and bad I would....say...(Check spoiler)
    ......Bad Sad ......Well not really, but theres only two choices so.....

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    Re: The Tides in Time: Mortals and Immortals Collide

    Post by Ulqi-chan on Fri Feb 11, 2011 4:32 pm

    I knew it. God, why do I suck so much?!

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    Re: The Tides in Time: Mortals and Immortals Collide

    Post by Hero on Fri Feb 11, 2011 4:36 pm

    affraid Woah woah, you don't suck. Just because I don't like piece that doesn't mean that. I'm sorry if your offended.

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    Re: The Tides in Time: Mortals and Immortals Collide

    Post by Ulqi-chan on Fri Feb 11, 2011 4:41 pm

    ...Eh. Well, I ain't gonna wait 'til every one else reviews it. Here's the next one. If it sucks as bad...sorry.

    Chapter 4: Fortify

    Zanon woke Ulquiorra up early in the morning. “Time to exterminate Icera,” he said happily, “But the question is, are you ready?”
    Ulquiorra nodded. She expected that some Arrancar would’ve sensed that she was in some sort of dragon’s lair by now, but it seems as though they don’t even care if she was dead. In any case, she would need something to do, and killing some dragon would be entertaining. Hopefully. Zanon unlocked the chains and led Ulquiorra out of her cell. Upon seeing sunlight for the first time in hours, Ulquiorra squinted while her eyes adjusted to the light. Zanon stopped in front of the entrance of his lair. He looked back at the raven-haired beauty.
    “Now, Icera is a pure white dragon that is the Goddess of Life. She is an ambitious little thing, and will stop at nothing to kill me or any of my…associates. So she’ll more that likely try to kill you if she realizes you are going to murder her. Therefore,” a villainous grin appeared on his face, “You will first pretend that you are a weak person that needs help. Icera will feel compassion for you, so she’ll trust you completely and won’t suspect that you’re working for me. Then, after a while, you’ll kill her. Understand?”
    Ulquiorra thought for a moment. “I work for you?” she asked.
    The dragon looked paranoid. “For now,” he growled. “Or you may go through with me slashing your neck again, Arrancar.”
    “And you’re just going to let me go like this? What if I run away? Or get my fellow Arrancar to help me kill you?”
    “Because I know that won’t happen. I’m not stupid, Arrancar, so I know that you won’t run if I let you go off on your own. You’ve seen my power, and you won’t run now.”
    “Yeah? And if someone saves her?”
    Ulquiorra turned around and was shocked. Grimmjow was standing on the air, his hands crossed in front of him. His facial expression looked as it always did: paranoid as usual. “What the heck are you doing here?” Ulquiorra mouthed.
    “And don’t get the wrong idea, Cifer, Aizen ordered me to come and get you. So,” he looked at Zanon and gave him a grin. “I’ll need that brat you got there.”
    Zanon frowned. “And the possibility of me giving her to you is…?”
    “Hundred percent, ***!”
    And a sky blue ball bounced behind Ulquiorra and hit Zanon dead on. Ulquiorra guessed Gimmjow just used a Gran Rey Cero on the dragon, and Ulquiorra quickly used this opportunity to escape from his clutches. She used Sonido to get up to Grimmjow. “So I guess this means that Aizen looks out for me?” she asked him.
    “Guess so,” he replied, then took off while Zanon was shaking on the ground. “I will find you again,” Ulquiorra heard him say just before she followed Grimmjow, “and you better believe it, too.” Not wanting to hear the dragon’s deep intimidating voice any longer, Ulquiorra rushed after Grimmjow.
    “Remember the first day I arrived to Las Naches and you asked me if I remembered my past?”
    “Yeah, why?”
    “Well, for some reason, my memory is coming back.”
    Grimmjow looked back at Ulquiorra. “From what time?”
    “Whenever I was in high school.”
    Grimmjow stopped. Ulquiorra stopped behind him. In almost a whisper, he asked Ulquiorra, “What all do you remember?”
    “Just bits and pieces,” Ulquiorra lied, “But I remember I had a friend named Raion. He was pretty bad-***, too.”
    Grimmjow laughed. “I bet he was! Raion is a girl’s name, ain’t it? And for a dude to have it is stupid!”
    “Indeed,” Ulquiorra agreed, then took off again towards wherever Grimmjow was taking her.
    “By the way, we are we going?”
    “Uh…I dunno.”
    Ulquiorra stopped again. “Then there’s no reason to go that way, right? Not to mention that you can leave now; I’m away from the dragon.”
    “Eh…” Grimmjow said, “Well, thing is, I can’t.”
    “Why not?”
    “Aizen wants me to look after you for a while. He’s afraid that you’ll get taken away again.”
    “What, now he thinks I can’t take care of myself?”
    “Probably so.”
    “Well at the least he could’ve sent someone more sophisticated, lik-“
    “What? Like that perve, Szayel?”
    “Of course not. I was going to say someone like Starrk or Harribel.”
    Grimmjow scoffed. “Like Starrk?! HA! The only thing that *** does is sleep! How the hell is that sophisticated?”
    “Well at least he’s better than you,” Ulquiorra retorted and took off once more. Grimmjow reluctantly followed.
    “Now answer me this, Grimmjow: Does he want you to help me kill the Mu?”
    Grimmjow nodded. “Yep.”
    “In that case, we’ll need to go back to Hueco Mundo.” Ulquiorra then stuck out her hand into the empty space of sky. “Garganta,” she murmured, and then right in front of her the dimensions began to rip. Hueco Mundo began to come into view. “And the reason for going to Las Naches is…?” Grimmjow asked.
    Ulquiorra faced Grimmjow and answered, “Because we’ll need a Gigai. We’re going to roam the world of the living and search for that Mu. In the Gigai, he won’t sense what we are; Therefore we befriend him and strike when he trusts us. Got it?”
    Grimmjow nodded. “Villainous,” he said, smirking, “Never knew you had that side, Cifer.”
    Ulquiorra looked back into the Garganta. “Then I guess you don’t know me as well as you think, Grimmjow.” And with that, she jumped into the Garganta with Grimmjow following. Well, this wouldn’t be very fun. Asking Aizen for a Gigai to just kill a simple being that’s not even immortal should not be necessary. But the Gigai also served another purpose. With Zanon on the look out for the raven-haired beauty, the Gigai could mask her spiritual pressure, thus Zanon could not find her easily. So, even though she would be a weak, powerless girl in her Gigai, it would all lead up to her capturing the Mu.
    “So what you need is two Gigai; one for you, one for Grimmjow. You plan on befriending the Mu, thus gaining his trust, and at some point, come back to Hueco Mundo and return to your original form and slay him. Is that correct, Ulquiorra?”
    “Yes, Aizen-sama, all that you say is accurate.”
    “Well then, I’ll get Szayel to make two Gigai. In the mean time, I suggest thinking of how you will live your life as a seemingly normal human. Come up with a name, hobbies, stuff like that. And,” Aizen smirked, “Decide whether or not you two are going to be lovebirds or siblings.”
    Ulquiorra blushed a bit. “Siblings,” she said, then looked at Grimmjow. “I can’t even see how anyone could be a lovebird to him.”
    Grimmjow blinked in annoyance, though he stayed quiet. Aizen saw this, but shrugged it off. “It’s settled then,” he announced, “so gather some of your belongings and get ready to live as a mere mortal would!”
    Both Grimmjow and Ulquiorra did not say a word as they walked to their rooms and collected some of their clothes and such for this journey. It wasn’t everyday Ulquiorra got to play dress-up and pretend to be some stupid mortal, but it’s certainly not what she wanted to do in her spare time. Well, there was nothing she could do to change it now. She already got Szayel making her and Grimmjow Gigai, and it was hard to make him stop his work.
    Grimmjow gingerly approached Ulquiorra’s door. He knew that she knew more about her past than she was telling. If anything, he would have to get what she knew out of her, and if asking her wasn’t enough, he’d have to force the answers out.
    “Oi,” he said, as he opened the door with the gothic number 4 on it. Ulquiorra was still packing some clothes into her suitcase.
    “Yes?” she asked, looking up at Grimmjow.
    “What’cha know about your past, Cifer?” Grimmjow questioned, crossing his arms in front of his chest.
    “I don’t quite understand what you’re asking,” the raven-haired beauty replied, focusing back on her packing. Grimmjow wouldn’t have any games today.
    “You know exactly what I’m asking,” he growled, then grabbed Ulquiorra’s arms and slammed her against a wall.
    “What’s your problem?” Ulquiorra said, her anger growing.
    “My problem is you!” Grimmjow barked back. “I know you aren’t completely stupid! So tell me what you know about your past! You know more than you’re showing!”
    “I can’t help you,” Ulquiorra said plainly, “because all I know right now is that I had a friend named Raion. More stuff may come later, but that’s all right now. So please leave, Grimmjow.”
    Grimmjow let go of the cat-eyed girl and stormed out. Ulquiorra knew that she couldn’t keep up this lying act, though, because if Grimmjow found out what she had learned from Zanon, he’d hate her for life. Maybe even kill her. But that, of course, was just a thought. Grimmjow really wouldn’t kill her, would he?

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    Re: The Tides in Time: Mortals and Immortals Collide

    Post by Kotaru on Fri Feb 11, 2011 4:42 pm

    I like it. It goes along and clears some of the parts.

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    Re: The Tides in Time: Mortals and Immortals Collide

    Post by Ulqi-chan on Fri Mar 11, 2011 4:06 pm better than the third one?
    BTW: original words that are covered by ***...sorry for that. But you understand how Grimmjow is, so you'll probably figure 'em out.
    NEW: I had to repost this so everyone would see this new thingy...
    I have a fanfic now, and my name on there is Arctica Fujimoto. So if you wanna see the bleeped words, I will post each chapter so far there. Thanks for the support, guys!


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    Re: The Tides in Time: Mortals and Immortals Collide

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