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    Bramble Gamers Review!!!



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    Bramble Gamers Review!!!

    Post by Bramblefang on Tue Aug 10, 2010 9:22 am

    Bramble Gamers

    Graphics & Layout - ( 15 / 20 )
      Starting with my first impression with the graphics, I think it's fine on the top portion, I liked the major graphics a bit, although as I scroll at the middle of the index, I noticed a more 'pokemonish' atmosphere, that doesn't look good for me since this is a gaming forum, images like the pokeballs make it more pokemonish, ok, to go further, starting with the banner, I guess that's a nice banner, it looks simple but a little bit sleek, although I would suggest adding more characters from gaming and add a nicer background to it to make it looks better and professional, the navigation bars are nice too, I liked the quality and the font, although I think that adding small icons beside the navigation bars would make it look better, though it's nice. Now to the forum icons, as I said from my first impressions, the 'pokeballs' make it look a pokemon forum, I suggest other icons so it'll look really a gaming forum, not just pokemon, so get that fixed.
      The forum's color scheme is a little bit strange but original I must say, the combination of gray and blue color is not bad though.

    Forum Activity - ( 18 / 20 )
      I observed that the forum is really active with most of the forums having new posts being made today and yesterday, I'd say, that's a pretty good activity for a starting forum like this, I also noticed most of the forums have plenty amount of posts although most of the posts are focused on some forums only, I mean that some forums have only less posts and some even don't have, so I suggest you to create some starter topics to get some more activity onto the forum. The total amount of posts is nice(5651 messages) Keep that up!
      Now to the users activity, It looks amazing seeing atleast 5 users being logged while I'm reviewing the forum, several members had also been logged in the past 24 hours which is a nice flow of activity, keep that up!

    Staff & Usergroups - ( 13 / 20 )
      Starting with the groups, I saw 6 groups on the forum, which include 1 administration group and 5 moderation groups, which makes all of this groups staff groups, I didn't saw any misc. groups so that's still fine, however, I don't think it's good to have 5 moderation groups at the moment since the forum is not that really big, although the activity is good, i don't think it's still needed, hiding the other moderation groups except the 'Super Moderators' group would save you more space.
      To the amount of staff, I saw 3 administrators, I think that amount is fine, you'll definitely don't need to add more since the forum is still small, there are no super moderators which you need to have so you can get some help if needed, for other moderation groups, if you'll still continue to have this groups, I suggest you to only have 1 member for every group so it doesn't look that there's lots of staff and have 1 Super Mod to help them out.

    46 / 60

    Reviewed by zoids25

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    Re: Bramble Gamers Review!!!

    Post by Fluncher on Fri Aug 13, 2010 8:59 pm

    That was a great review!!! (great for a first review that is)
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    Re: Bramble Gamers Review!!!

    Post by Kotaru on Mon Aug 23, 2010 7:01 pm

    This really helped.

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    Re: Bramble Gamers Review!!!

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