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    Pokemon HG/SS walkthrough part 4 the slowpoke town

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    Pokemon HG/SS walkthrough part 4 the slowpoke town

    Post by Applejack on Fri Aug 06, 2010 4:45 pm

    After getting your first badge,Professor Elm will call and tell you to get the egg you got earlier from a poke mart.Andyou now have your own egg.if you want to know what pokemon is in the egg,click the spoiler.
    a togepi.
    Once you leave Violet City,there is a tree in the way of getting to goldenrod city and ecruteak city,so you have to go through the Ruins of Alph to get to Azalea town. Along the way,you can solve puzzles and get UNOWNs. After that,you have to go through Union cave.Nothing special,except when you have the HM surf,you can surf to find a LAPRAS only on a friday.When you reach Azalea town,Team Rocket will appear at the slowpoke well(east of Azalea town) trying to cut off SLOWPOKE tails.You have to go through Slowpoke well until you see a Team Rocket grunt and you have to battle him.he has a
    KOFFING:lv 12
    ZUBAT:lv 8
    beat him,then team Rocket will leave and Kurt(the guy who gives you pokeballs if you give him apricorns)will show up.He tells you to go to his house.Then he will tell you that team Rocket was disbanned by a boy 3 years ago.Then Kurt will give you a fast ball.After that,you can battle the next gym,but if you want,go west to Ilex Forest and Silver will challenge you to a battle.he has a
    GASTLY:lv 14
    ZUBAT:lv 16
    (if you chose CHICORITA)QUILAVA:lv 18
    (if you chose CYNDAQUIL)CROCONAW:lv 18
    (if you chose TOTODILE) BAYLEEF lv 18

    Beat him,then go to the gym and battle Bugsy.he has a
    SCYTHER:lv 17
    METAPOD:lv 15
    KAKUNA:lv 15

    Even though a CHICORITA is weak against bugs,it has a great defense.However,CYNDAQUIL would be stroung against it,but has poor defense.TOTODILE,however,has a high attack stat and would help.Anyone of them would work.

    After you beat him,he will give you a badge that let's you use the HM cut and gives TM. When you go to Ilex Forest,you will see a boy wanting you to get his FARFETCH'Ds.Get them,and the boy will give you the HM cut. Now you can get through the forest.

    Part 5 coming soon.

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