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    Pokemon HG/SS walkthrough part 2 travel to cherrygrove



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    Pokemon HG/SS walkthrough part 2 travel to cherrygrove

    Post by Applejack on Thu Aug 05, 2010 7:59 pm

    As you travel to Cherrygrove,you will see a guy who shows you how to catch a pokemon.Say yes or no,it doesnt matter.When you get to cherrygrove,you will see a man who shows you around.He will then give you the running shoes.Then,go up north and you will see a house with a tree next to don't need to go in there.keep going north until you see another house.go in and you will see Mr.Pokemon and Professor Oak.Mr.Pokemon will give you the Mystery EGG,while Professor Oak gives you the pokedex.Exit the house and Professor Elm will call you on your Pokegear.(one of the things your mom gives you)He will say you have to go back to the lab.go back and when you leave Cherrygrove,the guy that was looking in the lab window will challenge you.
    If you picked CYNDAQUIL,he will pick TOTODILE.
    If you picked CHICORITA, he will pick CYNDAQUIL.
    If you picked TOTODILE,he will pick CHOCORITA.

    once you win or lose,he will leave,but he will come back because he dropped his trainer card.he will say "ahh you saw my name!" or something like that.Go to the lab and you will see Professor Elm and a Police Officer. The Police Officer says the theif always comes back to the crime scene and accuses you for being the theif.your friend Ethen/Lyra will come and say you're innocent and will say that guy you battle earlier was the theif.You owe him/her BIG TIME! Then you must say the name of the guy you battled earlier.(i name him Gary,but you can name him anything you want,but i'm sticking with Gary)The Police Officer will leave,and Professor Elm will say you should battle the first gym.Off you go!

    Part 3 coming soon.

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