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    TIME management advice? When is it time to leave?


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    TIME management advice? When is it time to leave?

    Post by sherlok11 on Mon Jan 09, 2012 12:40 am

    Hope it's ok that I posted this in 2 diff. forums, to try to get a response.

    I play live 1/2 NL at my local casino, usually buy in for $100 ($200 is the max). I'm an ok player, nothing amazing, but I find that if I stay in a game long enough, I always lose all my winnings, plus my original buy-in. Usually, it's a bad beat that does it. I am usually able to get between $80-200 profit before things start to go south....sometimes more, sometimes less.
    For example- last night, I started playing at 1AM, turned $100 into $200 in about 3 hours (got no cards for the first coupla hours). The remaining 4 players were very wild and I figured I could build my stack even more. I flopped 2 pair and bet $40 and a dude called, hit runner runner for a flush....went all in, I called (stupidly)...and was done.

    You can certainly argue I played that poorly, but my main question is- how do you know when it's time to leave? I have read somewhere that if you keep playing at a table, you will probably eventually lose everything. But I look around at some other players at my table and they've turned $100 or $200 into $800 or $900. For me, time management seems to be the bigger issue over bankroll management. I guess, at some point, you have to know when to get up and go....but I never know when that is.

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    Re: TIME management advice? When is it time to leave?

    Post by FCSNAKE on Mon Jan 09, 2012 12:54 am

    What? well I guess i'll try to answer this. I think the right time to stop is when you know you have won alot of times and think "i'll just try it one more time", I would think that because after saying that, you will just keep saying the same over and over eventually losing it all....I would stop then or when I have doubled my amount. You can't really say since it is gambeling.

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    Re: TIME management advice? When is it time to leave?

    Post by Hydrocannon2727 on Mon Jan 09, 2012 5:37 pm

    I agree with Luis, I would stop when I had a reasonable amount of earnings, then bail with the cash I have.

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    Re: TIME management advice? When is it time to leave?

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