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    Sign-up/OOC Thread~ Roleplays


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    Sign-up/OOC Thread~ Roleplays

    Post by Ulqi-chan on Tue Nov 15, 2011 6:01 pm


    Redirecting from here once your roleplay is approved by two or more mods on the team.

    Now, just a few basic guidelines...

    1) In the post title, put what Roleplay you're responding to so we can cut back on confusion. (Ex. If you're joining the Awesome Roleplay, put "The Awesome Roleplay" as your post title.)

    2) Feel free to ask any questions about the roleplay you're joining, list any concerns/plot ideas to further extend the fun of all this.

    3) Once you have a roleplay approved, post your sign-up sheet here. People who wish to join will come as they feel the need, and if your roleplay doesn't bring in enough people, I suggest not starting it yet. Be patient and wait for at least four people to join it.

    *Any questions or concerns about this, PM me and I'll clarify your confusion.*

    A Super Mod/Admin needs to sticky this, by the way...


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